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SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS» Chemistry and its teaching methods


About the department

The Department of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching is an integral part of the structure of an institution of higher professional education and conducts educational, scientific, scientific-methodical and educational work among students and teachers. Teachers of the department teach at different faculties in the specialties of the department. At the Department of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching in 2022-2023. in total there are 18 teachers and staff, also 1 freelancer. Of the eighteen employees of the department, one associate professor continues teaching Kholikov S.S., one Ph.D. Urokov M.D., 2 senior teachers Ismoilova M., Boboev B., the remaining 13 assistants: Saidova M., Khisainov T., Khodzhaev I., Boboev K., Akbarova B., Dosaev S., Yormadov R., Khusainov Kh., Mohirai Kh., Rakhimov R., Nasrulloev A. and 1 laboratory assistant: Sharifova Kh., operator Davronova M. Also at the Department of Chemistry and Methods of Teaching 18 masters of chemistry of the first and second course are trained in the specialty of chemistry.

Among the staff at the Department of Chemistry and Teaching Methods, 5 applicants and 2 PhD students and 2 masters are engaged in research work. It should be noted that a large number of employees at the department are young teachers

Department history

The Department of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching was established on December 28, 1991 under the name "Natural Science". For the first time this department was headed by Khafizov Saijon, after that they worked as heads of the department: from 1992 to 1995. Ph.D. Mirzoev S.S., since 1995 to 1998 senior teacher of the department Khafizov S. In the same years, the department was renamed from "Natural Science" under the name "Biology". In 1998 The Department of Biology was divided into two departments of Biology and Chemistry. From 1998 to 2001 the head of the department was a senior lecturer Nurov K. From 2001 to 2005. was h. department senior lecturer Kholikov S.S., from 2005 to 2012. senior lecturer of the department Khudoyorov K., from 2012 to 2014. senior lecturer of the department Boboev B.J., from 2014 to 2015. senior lecturer of the department Boboev S.M., from 2015 to 2016. senior lecturer of the department Ismoilova M.K., from 2016 to 2018. senior lecturer of the department Boboev B.J.

By order of the Rector of the University from 16.01.2018 No. 13 Department of Biology was merged with the Department of Chemistry, and was named the Department of Chemistry and Biology. Until 2019, the head of the department was Ph.D. Isupov D.S. Since 2019 the head of the department worked as a senior lecturer of the department Boboev B.J.
Due to the emergence of difficulties in the activities of the educational process at the department on 18.08.2020. The leadership of science and innovation considered it necessary to substantiate the department for two new ones:

  1. Department of Chemistry and methods of its teaching.
  2. Department of biology and teaching methods.

Until 2021 the head of the department of chemistry and methods of its teaching was Boboev B.J.
From 1.10.2021 until today, the head of the department is Ph.D., associate professor Kholikov S.S.

The composition of the department

Холиқов С

Kholikov S.S.
Associate Professor, head of department



Бобоев Б

Boboev Bakhtiyor Dzhangievich
senior lecturer


Уроқов М

Urokov Mirzomurod Davlatmurodovich
PhD, Senior Lecturer

Исмоилова М

 Ismoilova Muborak Kendzhaevna

 Senior Lecturer


Ҳисайнов Т

Khisainov Teshahon Kholmadovich



Акбарова Б

Akbarova Bibinoso Rakhmatshoeva


Саидова М

Saidova Malika Abdulovna 



Шарипова Ҳ
Sharipova Khanifamo Gafforovna





Бобоев К
Boboev Komron Odilovich


Ҳусайнов Ҳ
Khusainov Khusniddin Abdukayumovich


Хоҷаев И
Khojaev Isroil Ismoilovich

Моҳираи Ҳ
 Mohirai Hukmatullo

Досаев С
Dosaev Sukhrobjon Makhmadbilolovich

Ёрматов Р
Yormadov Rustam Sangmadovich

Раҳимов Р
Rakhimov Ramazon Abdurakhmonovich

Activities of clubs in the department

In order to interest students in the study of chemistry, there is a circle at the department called "Young Chemists" and its leader is Rakhimov Ramazon. According to the approved plan of the Leadership of Science and Innovation of the University, the circle at the department is held 2 times, and students actively present their reports in it. The circle list includes 84 students who can choose relevant topics for reports.

Achievements of the department

Best Department of the Year

2 Boboev Bakhtiyor Dzhangievich is awarded the Gratitude of the Rector of the Kulyab State University named after A.I. A. Rudaki.



Khisainov Teshakhon, assistant of the department, is awarded with a "Diploma" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan.



Bobizoda G.M., Boboev K.A., Akramzoda R.J., Boboev K.O. Solving chemical problems, Textbook. Dushanbe - 2022 175pp.



Kholikov S.S., Boboev B.J., Mustafokulov Sh. Chemistry problem solving. Tutorial. Dushanbe - 2022 205p.

Kholikov S.S., Khisainov H. Problems of Chemistry. Tutorial. Kulyab-2021, 113 pages


Dosaev S., Boboev B., Ismoilova M., Makhmudov E. Teaching aid. Dushanbe-Irfon, 2020-118p.


Saifudinov F.Sh. together with his head of Ph.D., associate professor Kholikov S.S. invented a medicine and called it "Ficardio". This invention was awarded a diploma.





Diploma for active participation at the republican scientific and theoretical conference on the topic: “On va istifoday on-mushkiloti globalia zamoni muosir”, dedicated to the Decade of the international embodiment “On baroi rushdi ustuvor” 2018-2028 (April 5-6, 2018).




Address: Kulob, st. S. Safarova 16, KSU named after A. Rudaki, educational building No. 5, 3rd floor, office No. 301
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