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The book is considered the most important means of shaping human morality and a factor in raising the level of education of people, especially the younger generation in human society. He can play an effective role in the spiritual maturity and development of the moral and psychological values of society. The book, as a worthy passport of every people and nation, plays a huge role in preserving high national values and passing on historical memory from generation to generation. This is a book through which we get acquainted with history and civilization, various aspects of the life of our ancestors and their heritage, and we constantly contribute to its study in order to develop and improve the spiritual life of society. In the speech of the Founder of Peace and Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the country, His Highness Emomali Rahmon, at the opening ceremony of the new building of the National Library of Tajikistan and a meeting with the intelligentsia of the country, interesting considerations were expressed regarding the role, status and mission of the book in honoring the national language and culture. In particular, the President of the country noted that “This is a book in which our ancient history lives, the treasures of human civilization, the verses of our thousand-year-old poems, the legends and knowledge of the ancient era, the wisdom and ingenuity of generations and peoples. This is a book that enlightened the path of the people with the light of knowledge and enlightenment and led to the existence and sustainability of the nation, history, language, literature and culture. In fact, libraries play a significant role in fulfilling the mission of books and reading and thinking about books, reflecting the spiritual achievements of mankind, the development of the economy and innovation. Because without studying the past it is impossible to build the future.

We know that in the current conditions of the development of a democratic, legal and secular society of Sovereign Tajikistan, ensuring the rule of law and its unconditional implementation largely depends on the level of knowledge, thinking and education of citizens. .

The library of the Kulyab State University named after Abu Abdullah Rudaki is an integral part of the university. It provides library and bibliographic services, the educational process, research, pedagogical and educational activities of the university, and at the same time is a center for acquiring knowledge, spiritual and cultural communication. In its activities, the library aims to increase the book fund and provide readers with the necessary literature, including professors, teachers, graduate students, applicants and students.

The library of the Kulyab State University named after Abu Abdullah Rudaki has a 73-year history. Back in September-October 1945, in order to create a fund of university books and educational and methodological literature on various branches of science and culture, libraries of universities and institutes in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tashkent, the National University. Tajikistan, the State Pedagogical University named after S. nat. named after Abulkasim Firdavsi with the number of scientific books 6374, textbooks for readers. In the 1950s, the library building did not meet the needs of teachers and students. There were no shelves for books. There were very few library staff. However, after the commissioning of the four-storey academic building in the 1970s, the area of the library expanded significantly. The library was located in the basement of this academic building. In Soviet times, the library annually received 10-15 thousand copies of new books. In the 1980s and 1990s, more than twice as many books were brought into the library. During the independence of Tajikistan, the library fund reached 287 thousand people. From 2000 to 2009, the university library opened departments, classrooms and reading rooms at eight faculties of the university for readers, which were provided with educational and methodological literature in front of the reading room according to the specialization of the faculties. However, as a result of successive natural disasters in May 2009 and 2010, the university library suffered great damage, as a result of which some of the library's rare and valuable books were destroyed. The administration of the Kulyab State University named after Abu Abdullah Rudaki has made a decision on additional measures for the work of the library since the 2010 academic year. The university library has been renamed into two reading rooms: Reading room No. 1 for the humanities, Reading room No. 2 for technical sciences. In addition, in front of the student dormitory, the library administration has created a hall called a reading room, which serves students from 17:00 to 22:00, and since the 2012 academic year, with the direct support of the rector of the university, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Abdullah Habibullah, using 9 floor of the new educational building, the electronic library on the 3rd floor was revived and put into operation. With this in mind, departments of the humanities and methods of teaching the Tajik language, departments of librarianship and bibliography were created at the Faculty of Education, and for the third year students have been studying librarianship and bibliography.

The number of books in the university library from 2010 to 2015 academic year amounted to more than 213,802 storage units, and in 2016-2017 they increased by 69,438 storage units, and at present the book fund of the university library is 283,240 storage units in various specialties: including including:

56883 specialized books,

112514 study guides,

37,800 textbooks,

27619 political books,

38709 fiction books

20375 study guides.

In the 2017 academic year, the library's book fund was replenished with 5,382 books, of which 1,037 books were donated by students, faculty of the university, and 4,352 books were purchased for cash and non-cash payments.

Today, more than ever, the role and status of the book as an important source of knowledge and research on various issues of history and politics, economics, social life, spirituality, education and culture of our people is growing, and the authority of the library largely depends on its material and technical equipment with modern technological equipment, from the 2010 academic year to since then, the university library has been connected to the Internet, and in the last 7 years the administration of the university library has been able to offer 100,000 copies of books in the form of paper copies and PDF to its customers without purchasing an electronic fund, in cooperation with the libraries of the republic, which is 65 per day.- 87 people use this fund.

On the other hand, it becomes an excellent source of information for library staff. Thus, the direction of use and management of the industry becomes simple and affordable, and the number of customers increases. At the same time, the direction of methodological work is being improved, ties between the libraries of the country are being strengthened, which contributes to the development of the library industry.

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