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Review procedure

Scientific articles submitted to the journal for publication are reviewed by members of the editorial board, as well as experts in the relevant field, after which they are accepted for publication in accordance with existing requirements. Requirements for the acceptance and publication of articles are published in each issue of the journal.

The review should highlight the scientific aspects and important features of the article and give a positive assessment of its value. In particular, the importance of studying the problem, scientific novelty, the scientific value of the article, citation accuracy, the style of the article and the use of scientific sources.
At the end of the review, the article is given a general assessment, and a special conclusion is submitted to the editors in the following terms: recommend for publication; recommend publication after correction of deficiencies; be additionally referred to another specialist on the relevant issue for consideration; not recommended for publication. The review must be at least one page.

A scientific article accepted for publication requiring changes is sent to the authors with the recommendations of the reviewer and editor. The authors must correct the shortcomings and shortcomings in the article and submit to the journal the final version of the article in printed and electronic form (option) with his previous signature. After correcting the existing shortcomings, the scientific article is re-sent for review, after which the editors approve its publication.

An article that has received a positive review and is supported by the editorial board is considered accepted for publication.

The process of reviewing articles (by the editorial board) is not open. Dissemination of information about the process of reviewing a manuscript article leads to copyright infringement. Authors do not have the right to copy the text of the article and use it for their own purposes.

Reviewers, as well as members of the editorial board, cannot use the information contained in the text of the manuscript in their own interests until the publication of the article.

Reviews are stored in the journal for 10 years, and then transferred to the archive of the university.

In case of problems: copyright infringement, use of information from articles of other authors indicating their own writings (not in the form of quotations), reprinting articles of other authors, the parties have the right to receive critical and problematic articles from the publication of the journal with an official appeal.