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SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS» Mathematical analysis and theory of functions


The information of chair

The chair of Mathematical analysis and theory of function is insignificant construction of an institution of higher professional education and conducts educational, scientific, scientific-methodical and educational work among the students and teachers.

The teachers of the department teach mathematical analysis, functional analysis, differential equations, integral equations, MFM, NFTK and others. At the department, 9 teachers are engaged in research, teaching and educational activities.

Of this number, Nusrat Rajabov, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor - Shamsiddinov F., 3 Ph.D.: Khidirov Kh., Abdulazizov A. and Karimova N., senior lecturer Firdavsi Kh., assistants: Kulobiyev M., Niyazov Sh., Mukhtorova Sh. and the head of the office K. Daminova are. At the department, all teachers are engaged in researching work.

The history of chair

The Department of Mathematical Analysis was established in 1981 within the structure of the Faculty of Mathematics and was headed by:

- The deceased Safarova Jumakhan Kholovich - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the first head of the department - 1981-1992

- Deceased, Associate Professor Ismatulloev A. - 1992-1993

- Associate Professor Nimatov Hakim - 1993-2000

- Abdulazizov Abdulkhakim Kholmurodovich - 2001-2004

- Deceased Akbarov Rahmat, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor - 2004-2012

- Karimova Nazokat - senior lecturer - 2012 - 2018

- Abdulazizov Abdulhakim Kholmurodovich, Associate Professor - 2018-2022

- Karimova Nazokat from September 2022 to the present, Head of the chair of Mathematical Analysis and Theory of Functions

Staff of the department

Каримова Н

 Karimova Nazokat
 Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences, head of chair


Абдулазизов А
 Abdulazizov Abdulhakim Kholmurodovich
 Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences, assistant professor

Хидиров Х
  Khidirov Khudoiqul Sattorovich
  Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences 

Фирдавси Х

 Firdavsi Kholmuhammad


Ниёзов Ш

Niyozov Shokir  

Даминова Қ

Daminova Qurbonbi 
The manager of chair


Кулобиев М
Kulobiev Mirzo




Activities of clubs in the department

The led of the club M. Kulobiev the  assistant of the department which is responsible for being named Young Mathematician. The club operates 2 times in a month according to the plan approved by the department of science and innovation of the university and the students perform in it. Their scientific supervisors, together with master's and doctoral students of the department, participate in the club.

The seminar is held a once in a month, and its materials are recommended for publication in periodicals by the head of the department. The announcements and resolutions of the lectures with their full text are stored in the department's folders.

The achievements of chair


At the republican Olympiads in 2013, he won the second place and a second degree diploma. in 2014 - second place, second degree diploma, in 2015 - first place and first degree diploma



To receive the Award of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2013-2014 - Certificate of Honor and in 2015 - second place Diploma of the second degree





In 2018, the Rector of Kulob State University awarded the best report at the university conference.


Address: Kulob city, S. Safarov 16 street, KSU named after A. Rudaki, educational building #4, 4th floor, room #406
Phone: (+992) 988327566
E-mail: k-tahlili.matematiki@kgu.tj