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Department of internship and work with young specialists

The department of internships and work with young specialists of the Kulob State University named after Abuabdullohi Rudaki is considered the structure of the department of education, its essence and activity is to strengthen the scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge of students, as well as the knowledge they have received regarding teaching methods, pedagogy and psychology are aimed at their creative use, improvement and development in the process of education and training in school work.

The department of internships and work with young specialists of the Kulob State University named after Abuabdullohi Rudaki carries out its activities in accordance with the “Regulations on pedagogical internships of higher professional educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan”, the “Charter” and “Regulations” of the university, the implementation of plans and programs is an educational contributor.

The department of internships and work with young specialists of the university, as a structure of the department of education, performs the following tasks to ensure the implementation of its activities:

- involvement of students in the educational process in educational institutions;

- creation of conditions for the creative use of knowledge and the development of professional skills and abilities of students;

- assistance in the formation of students' personal opinions about modern concepts of education and training in educational institutions;

- developing students' ability to work independently in the direction of development and self-development of the personality of students, preparing them for innovations (innovations) in the field of education and the competent use of its tools;

- development of skills and abilities of students for the successful implementation of the educational process;

- the formation of the scientific and ideological worldview of students, mastering the general forms of intellectual and educational activities;

- obtaining the professional qualities of a future teacher that meet the requirements of modern society;

- educating students of love and respect for the teaching profession;

- implementation of practical activities of students, the formation of their professional skills in order to implement modern methods of education and training;

- Practical application and consolidation of theoretical knowledge gained by students in the study of social-special and psychological-pedagogical subjects;

- the establishment of pedagogical relationships between students and pupils and the study of their age and individual characteristics;

- Development of a creative and research approach to learning, acquisition of analytical skills and processing of the results obtained;

- coordination of educational institutions created as a basis for conducting teaching practice with the university administration;

- Approve a mutual agreement on the conduct of all forms of education with educational organizations and institutions;

- Development and preparation of a master plan for conducting pedagogical, educational, industrial, tourist and pre-diploma practices at the University;

- Organization and holding of opening and closing conferences on pedagogical practice at the university and participation in them;

- supervision of the activities of the heads of teaching practice of faculties and the elimination of existing shortcomings in this direction;

- active participation in the consideration of issues of pedagogical practice, improvement of practice, organization and conduct of it at meetings of departments and councils of academic faculties;

- Preparation of a general report of the university on pedagogical practice and its submission to the board.

Staff composition

boboev b

  Boboev Bahtovat Sulaymonkhonovich
   head of department

sultonova k
  Sultonova Qurbonbi


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