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Information about the department

The Department of Finance and Credit is a specialized department located within the Faculty of Finance and Economics. The department contributes to the financial knowledge of the population, the formation and development of the country's banking system, improving the tax culture of citizens, the development of economic education of the population.

The Department of Finance and Credit works in the scientific direction, the problem is: "Ways and means of achieving the goals of sustainable development in the financial sector of the Republic of Tajikistan."

The main purpose of creating the department is to train specialists in various areas of the economy and organize high-quality training in the subjects of "Banking", "Banking risk management", "History of banks", "Tax and taxation", "Tax system of the Republic of Tajikistan", "Tax control and Audit”, “Financial Theory”, “Public Finance”, “Organization of Capital Financing”.

The share of the Department of Finance and Credit in the training of specialized personnel is significant and makes a significant contribution to the training of specialized personnel.

From the beginning of the creation of the department, the direction of the research and educational activities of the department was aimed at preparing curricula, special courses and seminars, developing educational programs that are characteristic of the level of accountability for a market economy for Tajikistan.

Department history

The Department of Finance and Credit was established in accordance with the order of the rector the Kulob State University dated November 22, 2018 No. 215. Until that time, the department functioned on the basis of the Department of Economic Theory and Finance. Currently, the department has 21 teachers. Of the total number of teachers, there are 4 freelance teachers, including 1 candidate of science, professor, 3 candidates of science, associate professor.

Department staff

Комилов Н

 Komilov Nizomiddin Begahmadovich
 Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent, Head of Department      


Сафаров З
Safarov Zulfiqor          
Senior Teacher   

Вазирзода Д
 Vazirzoda Dilorom
 Senior Teacher   

Холматов Б  
Kholmatov Bahrom
Senior Teacher


Раҳматов Б
 Rahmatov Umed
 Senior Teacher  

 Shafiev Bakhtovar
Senior Teacher

Тешаев М

Teshaev Mirzosharif 
Senior Teacher


Холиқзода А

  Kholiqzoda Ahliddin   
  Senior Teacher  

Саидов П
Saidov Payrav

Саидова М
Saidova Madina

Файзиддини З
Faiziddini Zuriddin

Муҳамадҷони А
Mukhammajoni Azizullo

Кабиров А
Kabirov Asliddin

Ҳаёев Қ
Hayoev Qiyomiddin

Давлатова Ҳ
 Davlatova Halima
laboratory assistant


Activities of clubs in the department

At the Department of Finance and Credit, there is a club "Financial Education", which is headed by the assistant of the department Hayoev Kiyomiddin. The Financial Education Club has 42 members who lecture on various financial and banking topics. The approval of the plan is approved by the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation and is carried out monthly on the 1st and 4th weeks, that is, twice a month.

Scientific topics heard by students are presented by scientific supervisors and cover important topics of our time. It is worth noting that specialists from banks, financial departments of cities and districts of the Kulob region and the tax inspectorate were invited to this event. The course of the seminar is reflected on the Facebook pages of Anvori Donish's Diary, Abuabdulloh Rudaki Kulob State University and the Faculty of Finance and Economics.

It should be noted that the result of the good work of the "Financial Education" club was that a member of the club, Agilov Faridun, took third place in the republican round of the research competition for students of higher professional educational institutions "Student and scientific and research progress" in the field of economics.

A scientific and methodological seminar is held at the department, the scientific supervisor of the seminar is Candidate of Economics, docent N.B. Komilov. The scientific and methodological seminar works according to the work plan of the seminar, approved by the Department of Science and Innovation.

The seminar is held once a month. All teachers and graduate students of the department participate in the seminar, current topics will be analyzed and discussed, including reports on the research work of teachers and graduate students. In parallel, departmental discussions of teachers' scientific theses are held at the department within the framework of the scientific and methodological seminar.

Achievements of the department


Diploma of the "All-Russian Society for Scientific Research" A. Khalikzoda. and Faiziddin Z.


Diploma of the "All-Russian Society for Scientific Research" Sharipov N. and Saidov M.

Certificate of the International Research Center, Almaty (Kazakhstan) Saidov P.

Certificate "XXII international competition of research works" to N. Sharipov. and Saidova M.

Certificate "XXII international competition of research works" Khalikzoda A. and Fayziddin Z.

6“Letter of honor” from the University of advanced training of teachers of institutions of higher professional education at the National University of Tajikistan to Shafiyev Bakhtiyor

7"Diploma" 1st degree. Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Tajikistan Ikromov Shodi

8"Diploma" 2 degree MES RT Ikromov Shodi

Address: Kulob city, st. S. Safarova 16, KSU named after A. Rudaki, educational building No. 5, 1st floor, office No. 102
Phone: (+992) 918 57-92-90