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SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS» Methods of teaching foreign languages


About the department

The Department of Method of Foreign Languages Teaching ​​was created by order of the rector of the Kulob State University named after Abuabdullo Rudaki dated 10.02.2020 for №177.

The Department of Method of Foreign Languages Teaching ​​​​of the Faculty of  Foreign Philology was a new Department, with specializations of 1-020306-English language, 1-02030601-English language. German language and 1-020307- English language. Chinese language is prepared by industry experts. The team of  the department has a productive impetus for the training of highly qualified teachers of foreign languages. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 32 teachers work and actively work at the Department of Method of Foreign Languages Teaching. It should be noted that 14 of them are permanent employees, 18 of them are full -time employees. As a result, in the 2022-2023 academic year, from this number (2  main applicants and 1 full-time employee), 2 doctoral students of PhD, 3 candidates of philological sciences, 2 senior teachers, 2 applicants, and 6 assistants were hired. Department of graduate students of the first and second courses.

History of department

At the department of  “Method of Foreign Languages Teaching” several experienced and professional heads worked. The department of “Method of Foreign Languages Teaching” began its work after the creation of the faculty in 2005 named after Abuadullo Rudaki from 08.28. 2020, No. 2/4-1 and by order of the university rector dated 09.24.2020 No. 187 on the shortage of personnel was combined into the Department of English (now comparative linguistics and typology) and the names of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and it’s Teaching Method. Given the need and the creation of scientific personnel, on the basis of the order of the rector of Kulob state University named after Abuadullo Rudaki dated 02.10.2020, for No. 177 it was given the name “Department of Method of Foreign Languages Teaching”.

His first head, after the association in 2020, was the candidate of philological sciences Murodov B. R.

In 2021, with personnel permutations at the faculty for a period of 4 months, Ph.P. Sharipov H.A. From December 20, 2021 to the present, the head of the Department of Method of Foreign Languages Teaching ​​was held by Gulamadshoev Sh.Sh. He carried out the work of the department in the direction of the effectiveness of advanced training and knowledge of students.

Staff of the department:

Гуламадшоев Ш

 Gulamadshoev Sh.Sh.
 c.ph.s., head of department
 E-mail: zuvor1986@list.ru

Холиқзода А
 Kholiqzoda Ayniddin
c.ph.s., associate professor

Қурбонов К
Qurbonov Karomatullo
 senior lecturer

Сангимадов Ф
Sangimadov Farrukh Khayrulloevich
senior lecturer

Яқубов Д
  Yaqubov Dovud  Sheralievich

Исмоилова М
 Ismoilova Muborak Isroilovna

Камолов Ф
Kamolov Farrukhruz Boboshoevich

Исоқова С
 Isokova Sabrina Alievna

Моҳшарифи Ё
 Mohsharifi Yoqubi Valizoda

Саидов А
Saidov Abdullo Sayfulloevich

Шарипова З
Sharipova Zulola Bakhtiyorovna

Сабоҳати И

 Sabohati Islom

Activities of the mug and seminar of the department

It is worth noting that the department of Method of Foreign Languages Teaching ​​has a scientific and methodological circle to improve students' knowledge based on the work plan of the scientific circle “The role of the strengthening method of teaching Chinese and German languages”. In the 2022-2023 academic year, classes in the Chinese and German languages will be held, which will be led by the assistant of the department of Sabrina Isokov.

On the basis of the working plan of the Department of Theoretical and Scientific and Methodological Seminar for the 2022-2023 academic year, the department was developed and approved, once a month, under the guidance of the assistant of the Department of Sabohati, is carried out with the aim of increasing the level of knowledge of teachers of the department, and teachers conduct scientific discussions on various topics

Achievements of the department

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Address: Kulob city, st. S. Safarova 16, KSU named after A. Rudaki, administrative building, 6th floor, office No. 600
Working phone: (+992) 988382188
Email: zuvor1986@list.ru