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SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS» Methods of teaching physics and technology of materials



About the department

The Department of Methods of Teaching Physics and Technology of Materials was organized in 1977 and operates completely independently. The head of the department was Associate Professor Boboev Ortik Sheralievich, then the department was headed by senior teacher Akhmedjonov Yu. A. From 1977 till 1987 the department was headed by Sulaimon Sultonov. Currently, the head of the department is the candidate of pedagogical sciences Parvina Usmon Safarzoda.

At present, students and teachers of high school physics are using the manuals of our department. Since September 2020, the Department of Physics, DMT and TM has been divided into two departments. Department of "General and Theoretical Physics" and Department of "Methods of Teaching Physics and Technology of Materials", currently led by Ph.D. Parvina U.S. The department has 10 teachers and 3 laboratory assistants. The department has 5 laboratories.

The history of department

The Department of Methods of Teaching Physics and Technology of Materials became completely independent in 1977. The first head of the department was decent Boboev Ortik Sheralievich. Then Yu.A. Akhmedjonov headed the Department of Methods of Teaching Physics for a limited period of time, and the responsibility was assigned to him. The department was headed by Sulaimon Sultanov.

From (1986-1991) and (2005-2012) the head of the department was Karimov S.K. 2012 Academician S.K. Karimov was the head of the department.

Since December 2012, senior teacher Ragimov A. has been supervising for several months. Then the senior lecturer Barotov N. headed the department until November 2013. From November 2013 to 2016, the department was headed by Sharipov A.A., and from 2016 to March 2022, the department was headed by Kodirova D.T. From April 2022 to the present, the head of the department is Ph.D Parvina W. S..

Currently, the members of the department are thirteen people, including one candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent, one candidate of pedagogical sciences, four senior teachers, three aspirants, one assistant and three laboratory assistants. The permanent members of the department are: docent Kadirova D, Ph.D. Parvinai U.S. senior teachers: Kalandarov S, Arabova Z., Kalandarova M. Lutfiya Zh, post graduates: Valiev N., Yakubov A., Sulaymoni A., assistant Safaraliev F.S.; laboratory assistant: Odinaeva Sh., Sadulloeva A. and Saidov A.

From 1998 till 2009, nine laboratories operated at the department. From 2010 till present, there are five laboratories act. The number of assistants was reduced from 9 to 2.

Department members

Парвинаи У
 Parvina Usmon Safarzoda
 candidate of pedagogical sciences, the head of the department.

Қодирова Д

Kodirova Dilafruz Tolibovna
candidate of pedagogical sciences
E-mail: dilafruz.71@mail.ru


Қаландаров С

 Kalandarov Saidasror
Senior Lecturer


Арабова З

Arabova Zainabi
Senior Lecturer


Қаландарова М

  Kalandarova Manzura Saidasrorovna
  Senior Lecturer



Ёқубов А

Yakubov Alisher Ashuralievich




Сафаралиев ФSafaraliev Farhod Sangovich
Senior lecturer 

Валиев Н
 Valiev Nosir Rakhmonalievich

Лутфияи Ҷ
  Lutfiyai Jurahan
 senior teacher

Сулаймони А
  Sulaymoni Abdukakhor



Саидов А
  Saidov Abubakr Kurbonalievich
  laboratory assistant

Саъдулоева А


Sadulloeva Anorbi Faizulloevna
laboratory assistant 


Одинаева Ш
  Odinaeva Shamigul Toshpulodovna
  laboratory assistant

The activities of circles, scientific and methodological seminars at the department

The scientific-methodical seminar and subject circles play an important role in attracting young people to science. The leadership of the scientific and methodological seminar is entrusted to Ph.D. Parvina U.S. The seminar examines the scientific and methodological results of the study of the teachers of the department, reseach students, aspirants, undergraduates, PhD doctors and others. The results of the research are discussed and decisions are made, as well as recommended for publication, implementation or patenting. According to the plans of the department, a scientific - methodological seminar is held once a month.

At the same time, a circle "UNIVERSE" was organized at the department, which is headed by assistant Sulaymoni Abdukahor. Members of the circle at the expense of active students of first and fifth courses in the specialty physics - mathematics, physics, technology, depending on the direction. Members of the circle actively participate in all activities of the faculty. There are 16 members in the circle, raised issues related to science and research work, design instructions, articles, theses. 4th year student Abdulhadova Umeda in the regional competition "Science-Light of Education" took second place in the nomination of physics and astronomy.

The circle works according to the approved plan of the scientific part of the university.

 Achievements of the department

1Tasks regardless of physics for _ readers 7-9 grades. Part 1. Parvina U.S., Sirojiddini D., Lutfiyai J., Khusainov R.S.

2Computer simulation during the study of physics in institutes of education in the middle general _ Rakhimi F.K., Kodirova D.T.


A set of questions of astronomy and methodology for solving them (Volume 1). Sulaimani A., Mirov I., K. Dilafruz, B. Sharifov., Komroni P.

A set of example questions for the astronomical test Sulaymani A., Sharifov B.

5Textbook on physics, educational and methodical for affairs _ laboratory. Hamid Majidov , Kodirova Dilafruz Tolibovna .


Example of questions test questions in physics._ Arabova Z., Lutfiyai J., Shorokhi K.


Ragimov A., Valiev N., Gulmadov U. « trimmer test tasks in physics methodical


Rakhimov A., Valiev N. "Solving questions from the topic of physics guidebook of the 7th grade methodical.


Rakhimov A., Arabova Z., Valiev N., Rakhmatova R. “Solving questions from the topic of physics guidebook of grade 8. Methodical.

Educational programs. Karimov S.K. , Gaforov S., Kodirova D.T.

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