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About the department

The Department of Economic Theory was created by the order of the rector of the Kulob State University named after Abuabdulloh Rudaki dated April 16, 2013 No. 13, which is an integral part of the structure of an institution of higher professional education and carries out educational, scientific and methodological work among students and teachers. 17 teachers are engaged and teach at different faculties of related disciplines of the department in research teaching and educational activities at the department. Two of these are external employees: Kadirova G. - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor and Odinaeva Sitora. There are 2 senior teachers working at the department: Gadomad Karimov and Sitora Odinaeva. 1 laboratory assistant - Kabirova Farzona, 11 assistants and 3 candidates of sciences - Ph.D. and about associate professors: Mirsaidov M.N., Makhmudov B.N., Safarov A.A. Currently, the head of the department is the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Safarov Azamjon Ahmadhonovich.

Department history

The Department of "Economic Theory and Finance" is organized on the basis of two departments, the former Department of "Finance and Credit", Head of the Department, Senior Lecturer - N. Kuganov and the former Department of "Economic Theory and Accounting", Head of the Department candidate of political sciences, аssociate professor- Pirnazarov E.

The former Department of Finance and Credit was established by order of the rector of Kulob State University named after Abuabdulloh Rudaki dated April 6, 2014 No. 57 under the name of the Department of Finance and Credit. The department was established in 2014 on the basis of the Faculty of Finance and Economics and has two specialties: "Accounting, analysis and audit in budgetary and scientific institutions", "World Economy".

The former Department of Economic Theory and Accounting was established in April 2014 as part of the Faculty of Finance and Economics. The department specializes in "Accounting, analysis and audit in budgetary and scientific institutions."

Currently, these two faculties are merged and its name is the Department of "Economic Theory and Finance", which was created by order of the rector of Kulob State University named after Abuabdullah Rudaki dated January 16, 2018 No. 13 in the specialties are "Finance and Credit", "Taxation and Taxation". “Banking”,“Accounting, analysis and audit in budgetary and scientific institutions”, “World Economy”. By order of the rector of Kulob State University named after Abuabdulloh  Rudaki No. 162 dated June 17, 2021 (§ 1 dated June 21, 2021), the department of economic theory was allocated, which trains specialists in the field of economics.

Department staff

Сафаров А

  Safarov Azamjon Ahmadkhonovich
  candidate of economic sciences, head of department 

Мирсаидов М

Mirsaidov Muhammadnaim
candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor




Каримов Г

Karimov Gadomad Urozovich
senior teacher



Давлатова Р

 Davlatova Rukhsora  

Давлатова Қ
 Davlatova Kalamniso Odinaevna

The activities of circles at the department

The department holds a scientific seminar and a circle "World of Economics". The circle is held twice a month. The department has held more than 6 republican conferences at the university level: "The role and importance of investments in the development of the national economy", "Improving the financial knowledge of young people dedicated to the year of youth, the role of national unity in the development of the economy." The role of professors and teachers of the department in university-wide, city and regional conferences is also significant. According to the work plan of the scientific-theoretical and methodological seminar of the department, the seminar is held 4 times a month on various topical issues.

Achievements of the department

Mirsaidov Muhammadnaim Negmatovich, Safarov Azam Ahmadkhonovich "Improving the mechanism of state regulation of sustainable development of the region" (monograph)

Mirsaidov Muhammadnaim Negmatovich. (monograph)


Certificate of honor to Safarov A. dedicated to the 31st anniversary of Independence and Teacher's Day

Thanks to the Department of Science and Innovation Davlatova K.O.


Odinazoda K.S., Kuganov N.K., Gafurov S.Kh., Radjabov A.Kh., "Environmental Management"


Kuganov N.K., "Institutional foundations for the formation and development of the public sector of the economy of Tajikistan", (monograph)




  “Certificate” to Karimov Gadomad




  "Gratitude" of the chairman of the Farkhor district Nemat Kuganov


"Diploma" of the University of advanced training of teachers of institutions of higher professional education at the National University of Tajikistan to Shafiyev Bakhtiyor




Address: Kulob, st. S. Safarova 16, KSU named after. A. Rudaki, educational building No. 5, 3rd floor, office No. 311
Work phone: (+992) 985-90-59-90
E-mail: k-nazariyai.iqtisodi@kgu.tj